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New Generation - Turning Grade for ISO-P Steel Materials

In this course we introduce you to our innovative new generation turning grade. You will learn what makes this grade so unique, how versatile it is and how it boosts your productivity.  

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After this course… 

  • You will have a clear picture of the benefits of our new grade and the wide range of T9415 chipbreakers you can choose from 

  • You will know what makes the composition of our new inserts so special 

  • Our animated graphs enable you to check out the right selection of chipbreakers, according to your needs and application 

  • Finally, you can revisit what you have learned about our T9415 

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New Indexable Milling Cutter Families

In this course we introduce you to our newly launched indexable milling cutter concept tools and give you a closer insight into their advantages and how they can benefit you. 

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After this course...  

  • You will understand how our product lines are built and help you to choose the right milling cutter 
  • You will know the key advantages of our new indexable economical face milling cutter families with up to 16 cutting edges 
  • You will have learned about our highly productive tangential shoulder milling family, with robust strong inserts delivering optimal cutting depths and material removal rates 
  • And, you will have experienced our cutters in action! 
  • If interested, you can do a brief check what you have learned at the end of the course 

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