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High-Speed Steel (HSS) tools are a favourite with our customers no matter the task. Dormer Pramet HSS tools are found in small shops and large facilities, and in hand-held tools and large machines alike. If you have used them before, you will recognize the versatility they bring to any job. If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to learn more. Click the products below to discover what HSS tools can do for you and your team.


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HSS drills assortment
HSS-E drills
HSS/HM drills

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DORMER A002 - HSS Jobber Drill, TiN-Tip Coated

Versatile drill for both hand-held and machine drilling. A specially designed 118° split point which helps to self-center the drill when drilling by hand and provides more accurate sized holes. Suitable for many materials. TiN-Tip coating improves performance and extends tool life.

A002 - Full range
DORMER A108 - HSS Jobber Drill, Steam Tempered Finish (Designed for Stainless Steel)

First choice when drilling stainless steel with hand-held applications, but can also be used effectively in machines. The 135° split point helps to self-center and reduces the cutting forces. Steam tempered finish helps stop workpiece material from sticking to the cutting edge.

A108 - Full Range
DORMER A940 - PFX HSS-E (5% Cobalt) Long Series Drill, Bright Finish

High performance drill, able to produce high quality and accurate holes at high speeds and feeds (H10 hole tolerance). Self-centering 130° point angle and special parabolic flute design help to drill extra deep holes in a single pass. Suitable for many materials.

A940 - full range


Explore more of our HSS tools assortment below
Hand and Serial Taps
HSS Machine Taps
HSS-E PM Machine Taps


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DORMER E200 - HSS-E-PM Straight Flute Machine Tap, Metric, DIN Standard

General purpose straight flute machine tap for through and blind holes. Bright finish to produce more accurate and cleaner threads preventing the workpiece material from sticking to the cutting edges. The reinforced shank increases strength against torsional twist.

E200 - Full Range
DORMER EX00TIN - HSS-E-PM 45° Spiral Flute Machine Tap, Metric, DIN Standard

High performance machine tap with spiral flute for blind holes. Suited for a broad range of workpiece materials. TiN coated to allow higher cutting speeds, improve performance and extend tool life.

EX00TIN - Full Range
DORMER E412 - Yellow SHARK 48° Spiral Flute Metric Machine Tap, DIN Standard

High performance quick spiral tap for deep blind holes in medium strength steels. Unique HSS-E-PM substrate with TiAlN-Top coating and additional edge treatment provide superior performance. Extra back taper facilitates chip evacuation and reduces torque on reversal. Recommended for synchronous feed tap holders.

E412 - Full Range

Countersinks & Reamers

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HSS Reamers
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DORMER G136 - HSS Straight Shank 90° Countersink, Bright Finish

A 90° Countersink designed to chamfer holes and for removing burrs from drilled holes. Reduced shank allows larger diameter countersinks in standard holders and chucks. Versatile tool, which can be used in hand-held and machine applications. Suitable to chamfer holes in many

G136 - Full Range
DORMER G314 - HSS Cone Cut Step Drill for Thin Sheet Materials, Bright Finish

Cone cut step drills have a multi-step design which allows for gradual enlargement of holes to the diameter required. The reduced plain shank  means all diameters can be held in a standard chuck and holder. Suitable to enlarge holes in many materials.

G314 - Full Range
DORMER B100 - HSS Straight Shank Hand Reamer with H7 Accuracy, Bright and ST Finish

Primarily designed for reaming by hand. It has a precision ground, left-hand helix with right-hand (clockwise) cutting for smooth reaming, creating a more accurate hole size and good surface finish. Suitable for reaming many materials, including steels.

B100 - Full Range
DORMER B180 - HSS-E Straight Shank Machine Reamer with H7 Accuracy, Bright Finish

High performance reamer for CNC machines and held in high accuracy tool holders or chucks. The precision ground left-hand helix and right-hand cutting action ensures smooth reaming and improved surface finish and hole size. Suitable for reaming in many materials. 

B180 - Full Range

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