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First class manufacturing

We control our own production - giving you consistency of quality and an easy single source for all your metal cutting needs.

Globally, everything is manufactured within the group. Our primary facilities are:

Šumperk, Czech Rep.

In Šumperk we manufacture indexable inserts, bodies and custom tooling. Our current production pace is around 22 million inserts. This encompasses the entire process from pressing (incl. development and production of pressing tools), sintering, green machining, grinding, edge preparation, PVD and CVD coating, post treatment, quality control, measuring & packing. We use the latest technologies starting with well-equipped press tools production, high accuracy electrical presses and CNC grinding machines. Continuous development and improvement of our production technology is supported by our in-house R & D team and technologies based in the XP center. Quality remains a primary consideration. High-tech measuring equipment is just one of many ways we ensure consistency and accuracy. In addition, we also have an ongoing commitment to quality improvements including climate control in several departments and a quality model system which provides all quality data and analysis for statistical process control, laboratories, etc.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

In Sao Paulo we manufacture round tools in High-Speed Steel, High Speed Cobalt and Solid Carbide. This includes drills, milling cutters, taps and reamers, both standards and specials.
We currently produce 46M pcs/year which makes this one of the largest drill manufacturing plants in the world. As with our production unit in the Czech Republic, all aspects of the manufacturing process are performed in-house, from blank preparation to heat treatment, through several stages of flute and point grinding to coating, edge treatment, measuring and, finally, marking and packing. By having complete control of the entire process allows us to guarantee supply of products of the highest quality. Every one of the 30 million HSS jobber drills that leaves our factory has been manufactured using a highly developed process, refined over many decades.

Ankleshwar, India

Our production unit in Ankleshwar follows Dormer Pramet’s acquisition of Miranda Tools in December 2020.
Miranda was established in 1945 and is equipped with modern technology for producing precision cutting tools. This includes drills, end mills, reamers and taps.
Around 12 million pieces are manufactured here, including both standard and specials.
Located in the state of Gujarat, Miranda Tools was the first Indian manufacturer of high-speed steel tools to have been awarded the ISO 9002:1994 certificate in August 1994. It is now certified to ISO 9001:2008.
Products are manufactured to close tolerances and international standards (ISO & DIN), under the guidance of highly qualified and trained teams, ensuring end-customers get the highest satisfaction and productivity.

We are certified to: