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New options for economical face milling 


A new highly economical face milling family from Dormer Pramet has launched covering a wide range of applications with negative octagonal and square inserts, along with a variety of shell mills.

The latest Pramet range includes three variants of a 16-edged ONMX insert for depths of cut up to 4mm. The standard geometries include the F for light operations, M for versatile use, and R for rough cuts in a variety of materials. Additionally, the 8-edged ONMX-W is a specific wiper insert for high quality surface finish with large cutters and high feed rate. 

Along with the Pramet ONMX inserts, the global manufacturer has added a range of 8-edged SNMX  inserts for higher metal removal rate. This includes an M chipbreaker for medium machining and an R geometry for roughing, both for depths of cut up to 7mm in various materials.

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All the new face milling inserts can be used with a new shell cutter body, the Pramet SON06 is available in sizes 50 – 250mm, and the imperial family ISON06 is available in range 2 - 6 inches.  

The assortment is made of high-quality hardened tool steel, to improve durability and process security. Combined with internal coolant systems on the entire range, these tools improve chip evacuation to achieve a high surface quality.  



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