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The replacement of CribWise vending machines continues


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Last year we started replacing vending machines with the new CribWise solution. In first phase of the exchange, we focused on customers to whom our company Dormer Pramet rents vending machines.

Despite ongoing problems with the delivery time of vending machines, which is caused by a lack of components at the manufacturer, we have already managed to replace nine vending machines at six customers.

During this year, another ten dispensing devices will be replaced. We focus not only on the replacement of leased devices, but also on completely new opportunities. Since last year, we have already installed twenty-two new machines and we‘re preparing further installations.

New installations did not take place only in the Czech Republic, but thanks to cooperation with our branches, we installed new vending machines for example in France, Hungary, Poland, Spain or even in New Zealand. The greatest interest is in drawer vending machines, but we already have the first installations of TX 750 and VX 500 machines.