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Easily remove a broken bolt: that's how you do it!

Unfortunately, it happens all too often: a bolt that breaks off in a product. Very annoying. Ideally, you want to solve this problem as quickly as possible. But how do you approach that? You want to avoid further damage to the threads when removing the bolt. Fortunately, there is a simple way to do this. Remove a broken bolt in four steps!

Step 1: Face Milling the Fracture

The first step is the face milling of the fracture surface. You can use a bolt face cutter to remove a bolt. The Dormer P100 has been specially designed for this. The bolt face mill works best with a straight grinder. Do you not have access to this? Then another machine will suffice, as long as it has sufficient speed.

Step 2: make a center in the plane

In the next step we create a center in the milled face. You do this with a bolt centering cutter. The Dormer P101 is ideal for this. This type of burr is specifically designed for this purpose. Why is it necessary to make a center? This makes it easier to drill in the center line of the broken bolt. Otherwise it will be difficult to remove the bolt properly.

Step 3: drill a hole as deep as possible

Then you can start drilling! Use a drill for hard materials for this as bolts can have a high tensile strength. The Dormer A117 is suitable for difficult-to-machine materials and steels up to 1600N/mm2, which means that 12.9 bolts can also be drilled. This drill also works well under less stable working conditions such as in a hand drill. This makes this drill ideal for removing a bolt. It is important that you drill as deep a hole as possible, this will reduce the clamping of the bolt in the hole. And in step 4 you want to have sufficient grip with the wire end extractor. In principle, the deeper the hole, the more grip.

Step 4: remove the broken bolt

We have now arrived at the last and most important step: removing the stuck bolt. You use the wire end extractor for this. Turn it counterclockwise into the drilled hole. The wire end extractor will lock into the hole. Then turn carefully. You will see the broken bolt release from the threaded hole. If necessary, add sufficient penetrating oil beforehand. Mission accomplished!

The finish

A good finish is essential. As a professional, you know this all too well. We therefore recommend that you thoroughly clean the drilled hole. Do you then want to screw in a new bolt? Then first inspect the thread in the hole. If necessary, clean up this thread with a 3rd hand tap. Unfortunately, in practice it is impossible to completely prevent the breaking of bolts. It is therefore wise to have the bolt removal set ready! So you are always well prepared. With this handy set the problem of a broken bolt is easily solved. This allows you to quickly get back to your normal work. Knowing more? Feel free to ask our Dormer experts for advice !

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