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Notre offre

Nous avons l'un des portefeuilles de produits les plus larges - si ce n'est le plus large - du marché. Notre gamme comprend à la fois des outils ronds - fournis sous la marque Dormer, Precision Twist Drill, Union Butterfield - et des outils indexables en carbure cémenté - fournis sous la marque Pramet.

Axée sur la cohérence, la qualité et la polyvalence, notre offre va de l'acier rapide au carbure monobloc, à l'outillage à applications générales à haute performance.

En coséquence, nos produits sont utilisés dans de nombreuses industries du monde entier, des départements de maintenance et ateliers de fabrication en passant par les fournisseurs internationaux des secteurs ferroviaire, automobile et aérospatial.


Our offer covers a wide range of drilling requirements ranging from 0.15mm diameter micro drills up to 500mm diameter boring bars.  

This includes a diverse range of solid drills in High-Speed Steel, High Speed Cobalt and Solid Carbide. It means we can meet almost every rotary hole-making requirement, from general purpose hand-held to high performance CNC applications.  

We also offer a broad indexable program with numerous grades and geometries for both central and peripheral inserts. 

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Our indexable turning tools cover a wide range of operations including general turning (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading. 

We also have specific ranges for specialised operations, including scarfing and bar peeling, along with leading technical solutions for heavy turning and the railway industry. 

Our offer features MT-CVD and PVD coated inserts as well as ceramic, cermet, CBN and Diamond grades. With material removal rates up to 6,680cm3/min or 407inch3/min​.  

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Our indexable milling range features a choice of grades including MT-CVD and PVD coated options, with multiple geometries for finishing, roughing and universal applications. 

We also offer a complete assortment of modular boring tools. 

The solid milling program includes a wide selection of designs, lengths, substrates, and coatings to support all common applications, from roughing to finishing.  

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Our rotary threading tools cater for a variety of chamfer lengths and thread forms in both hand and machine applications. 

This includes general purpose taps, multi-material and material-specific taps, fluteless taps and thread milling cutters. 

We also manufacture indexable threading tools for internal and external thread production in most materials and thread forms. This includes both full and partial profile inserts, with a wide range of tool holders and threading bars.  

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Tooling Systems

Our assortment of tooling systems includes hydraulic chucks, collect chucks, shrink-fit holders, shell mill holders, modular systems, Weldon and Morse Taper holders and many more. 

We cover the most popular standards including DIN 69871, ISO 60, MAS 403 BT, DIN 2080, HSK-A, VDI & MORSE, all supported by a full range of adaptors, accessories and spare parts. 

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​ ​Special Tools Service

We are confident our standard catalogue offer will meet most requirements. However, we also provide a reliable special tools service. This ranges from a slight modification of a standard tool to a design-engineered, tailor-made item – covering both indexable cutting tools and round tools. It features:  

  • Fast quotation 

  • Simple order procedure 

  • Complete tool construction information 

For more information about our special tools service please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office. 

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