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Versatile face milling

A new assortment of versatile face milling inserts has been launched.

We added five variants of square shaped positive inserts for depths of cut up to 6.4 mm to our Pramet brand. The range is suitable for a variety of general engineering and maintenance and repair operations (MRO) machining, with several application-specific geometries and grades available for machining any workpiece material.  

The Pramet SDMT 13 pressed inserts are designed with economy in mind. Its M geometry is designed for light and medium cuts, while R geometry is focused more on roughing. Both geometries are versatile for milling steels, cast irons and hard steels. 

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The Pramet SDET 13 precision ground inserts are dedicated for usage in specific workpiece material groups. Sharp F geometry is the ideal choice for secure machining of stainless steels and heat resistant super alloys. A polished, extra sharp FA geometry allows for productive machining of non-ferrous materials. An additional wiper insert XDET 13 is also available to provide high surface quality in larger diameter cutters and high feed rates. 

A wide assortment of cutters is available to support new range of inserts. The SSD13F comes in Weldon and Shell styles, with a wide range of sizes 32 – 250 mm (1.25 – 10.00 inch).  

A carbide shim on the insert seating gives extra stability and process security, while protecting the cutter body for high durability. These new cutters also utilize internal coolant delivery for improved chip evacuation to achieve high surface quality. 


For more information regarding all the latest products launched by Dormer Pramet please contact  your local sales office. Follow all the social posts regarding the new assortments by searching for #powerofsimplicity.