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Boring System - Carbide Boring ISO S
Material ID: 6760954

Screw clamp boring bar for holding a 80° rhombic shape positive insert with an inscribed circle diameter 6.35mm, 2.38mm thick (ISO designation CC.. 0602.. ), right hand 95° side and end cutting with off-set shank, carbide without coolant hole, 8mm diameter 60mm protrusion length for cone boring and longitudinal boring with and without shoulder

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Product Detail
EAN number3603602963000
Product number (SAP)86006265
Ordering code ANSIC08G SCLCR 06
Gross weight - grams1000
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS)8 mm
Cutting diameter - millimeter (DC)10 mm
Overall length - millimeter (OAL)90 mm
Protruding length - millimeter (LPR)60 mm
Bohring related insertsCC.. 0602..
Bohring - insert mounting screwUS 0205-T08P
Bohring - insert mounting screwdriverSDR T08P
Carbide body of indexable milling cutterYes
Net weight - grams1000