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MRO catalogue helps find the right tool at the right time



Maintenance and repair operations (MRO) represent a vast number of applications across all engineering segments, requiring a broad range of cutting tools.

This is critical to keeping equipment and plant operational. At Dormer Pramet, we manufacture a comprehensive program of products that can be used in an MRO environment, making our company an ideal first choice for all your needs.

Product applications include holemaking, threading, milling, reaming, countersinking and deburring.

To support awareness of our wide assortment, we have launched an MRO catalogue, which focuses on our Dormer round tools range and tool sets. This includes solid carbide and HSS drills, taps and milling cutters, reamers and countersinks, dies, rotary burrs and cutting fluid.

The publication has more than 330 pages of cutting tools, technical information and support detail. It is available in 11 languages and across various digital platforms, including our library app. See links below to download a copy of the pdf.

MRO Playlist within our YouTube channel

A key element of MRO applications is having the right tool at the right time. Reliable solutions are critical for “first-time” success and reducing machine down times. As a full-service supplier, we are committed to assisting our customers in implementing their machining processes efficiently, with productivity as our goal.

For further information regarding our assortment of MRO cutting tools, please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office or speak with our official distributor in your area.

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