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High performance drills for a wide range of materials

FORCE X solid carbide drills are for high performance machining in a wide variety of materials, such as carbon and alloy steels up to 1500 MPa, and cast iron. The range also performs well in stainless steel and aluminium, making them an ideal first choice for subcontract machining companies.

Features and Benefits

  • CTW - Unique Flute Construction with a continuously thinned web and rolled heel design
  • Modified 4-Facet Split Point with large secondary chisel edge angle
  • Premium micrograin carbide substrate with TiAlN coating
  • 3xD and 5xD options available in solid and coolant-feed variants
  • 8xD with coolant-feed

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    The most popular FORCE X drills chosen by our customers


    High volume production drills for stainless steel

    FORCE M solid carbide drills have been engineered to provide the highest performance and process reliability when machining stainless steels and heat resistant super alloys. The assortment is ideal for applications where it is necessary to drill a large number of holes with high and constant accuracy.

    Features and benefits

    • CTW - Unique Flute Construction with a continuously thinned web and rolled heel design
    • S-Shape 4-Facet Split Point with precise thin edge honing and strong outer corner design
    • Premium micrograin carbide substrate with TiAlN coating
    • 3xD and 5xD with coolant-feed
    • 8xD with coolant-feed available upon request

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    The most popular FORCE M drills chosen by our customers

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    R100 & R120

    Solid carbide drills for general drilling operations

    ​The R100 and R120 are jobber drills with a 4-facet point and cylindrical shank for universal use in combination with power tools, pillar drills and CNC machine tools. The drills are made from a K10 micro-grain solid carbide and are suited for general drilling operations in steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys. They are commonly used in applications where the FORCE X and FORCE M drills are not recommended, such as on conventional machines or small diameters <3.0mm.

    ​The hardness of these drills gives the wear resistance that is needed for highly abrasive cutting conditions.​​ This means they can also be used for hardened materials in conventional conditions, where high performance drills will fail because the set-up does not achieve the accuracy run out and feed control. ​​

    Features and Benefits

    • 120 degree 4-facet point - helps with self-centering and reduces the push force required.
    • Bright finish - prevents workpiece material from sticking to the cutting edge.
    • Improved tool efficiency - increased wear resistance provides extended tool life and greater productivity.
    • Premium carbide material - can be used for drilling hard and abrasive materials.
    • Versatile product - can be used with all CNC machine applications.
    • Suitable for micro-drilling - diameters from 1.0 mm.

    Explore the R100 / R120 / D33 range

    The most popular R100 and R120 drills chosen by our customers