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Machine Centesimal Reamer
Material ID: 5986261

Centesimal reamer with left hand slow spiral flutes and a cylindrical shank, diameter 10.49mm with an overall length of 133mm, a flute length of 38mm and 87mm reach with neck relief, according to DIN 212 standard with a diameter tolerance of 0/+0.005mm to produce holes within diameter-tolerance 10.5M6, 10.5M7 or 10.5M8, cobalt based HSS-E with bright finish for machining free machining, plain carbon and alloy steel, grey and malleable cast-iron, wrought and cast aluminium and copper or copper alloys

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Product Feature

Bright (uncoated)

High Speed Cobalt Steel Tool Material

DIN 212 – Machine Reamer Standards

Right Hand Rotation / Cutting

Cylindrical Shank / Straight Shank

DIN Form B – Left hand Slow Spiral Flute, Right hand cut

High Precision Hole Tolerance Zone (based on diameter range)

Product Detail
EAN number7320760129463
Product number (SAP)86012725
Ordering code ANSIB17010.49
Gross weight - grams35
Cutting diameter - millimeter (DC)10.49 mm
Overall length - millimeter (OAL)133 mm
Length chip flute - millimeter (LCF)38 mm
Body length - millimeter (LB)87 mm
Flute count (NOF)6
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS)10 mm
Cutting Conditions