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Metal slitting saw Coarse
Material ID: 5985366

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Product Feature

Bright (uncoated)

High Speed Steel Tool Material

Coarse Pitch

DIN 1838 – Coarse Slitting Saw Standards

Product Operation

Shallow Slot Milling - Primary use

Deep Slot Milling - Primary use

Milling – Cut-off Sawing - Primary use

Milling – Tube Sawing - Possible use

Product Detail
EAN number7320760284148
Product number (SAP)86014620
Ordering code ANSID745160.0X1.2
Gross weight - grams227
Cutting diameter - millimeter (DC)160 mm
Cutting width - millimeter (CW)1.2 mm
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS)32 mm
Flute count (NOF)80
Radial rake angle (GAMF)15
Cutting Conditions