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SNMX 19-R15:T9335SNMX 19-R15:T9335

Scarfing Insert
Material ID: 6801232

Double-sided scarfing insert, square with a main cutting edge length of 19.05mm, 8.15mm thick and a working radius of 15mm for tube diameters from 17 to 22mm, T9335 MT-CVD coated functionally graded WC-Co carbide within ISO-grade ranges P20-P45/M15-M40 and S15-S25 for deburring the outside of steel, stainless-steel and super-alloy tubes and pipes

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Product Detail
EAN number3603602996404
Product number (SAP)80024852
Ordering code ANSISNMX 19-R15:T9335
Gross weight - grams25.85
Insert Clearance Code and AngleN 0°
Insert DesignSNMX 19-R
Insert size19
Insert TypeX
Insert shape code (SC)S - square
Profile radius - millimeter (PRFRAD)15 mm
Outside tube diameter maximum - millimeter27 mm
Outside tube diameter minimum - millimeter20 mm