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Instruction Videos for Our New Website

Want to learn more about how to navigate and use our website? Below are some simple instructional videos to show customers and partners how to use certain features of our site.

How to Add Comments

  • In your cart, select "Additional Information"
  • You can add comments, customer part numbers, and request a shipping date directly to each line item.
  • Enter contract code and press "Apply" for special pricing to be activated.
  • Proceed with adding additional items or checking out

How to Ship Line Items Together

  • In your cart, select "Additional Information"
  • Click on "Connect Code" In the "Connect Code" field, input a number 1-8. (this will represent the number of shipments that can be on a single order)
  • Click the relevant "Connect Code" on the associated line items that should ship together
  • Proceed with adding additional items or checking out

Adding Comments and End User Purchase Orders

• At the beginning of the order, add any comments that you would like to appear in the order documents. The information entered in this text box will appear in all order documents.

Finding Related Products

  • If a product is set, the individual components can be found in "Related Parts"
  • If a product is obsolete and has a direct replacement, it can be found under "Related Parts"
  • If there are associated tools such as inserts or spare parts, these are under "Related Parts"