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Training packages on our indexable milling champions



We are launching a series of eLearning programs and training webinars with a focus on our indexable milling assortment.  

The package of activities will focus on key Pramet items which have been launched in recent years, including tools announced in March 2023. This has been broken into three programs covering:  

  • Pack 1 – STN10 & STN16 (ISTN10 & ISTN16) and 2023.1 new products 

  • Pack 2 – SBN10 & SSN11 (ISBN10 & ISSN16)) 

  • Pack 3 – SAD 07/11/16 (ISAD 07/11/16) 

As part of this, we will be hosting three short webinars covering each of the learning packs. These digital events will be open to distributors, channel partners and customers who could gain value from the training. Please note that the 30-minute sessions will be in English only  

The webinars will provide an introduction on the features and benefits of the products and a walk-through of the eLearning programs. Also, there will be a questions and answer session and live polls to check existing knowledge and understanding.  

Here are the dates for when the training webinars will take place. Please contact a member of the Dormer Pramet team to receive a calendar link to the webinars.  

Webinar schedule: 

  • 5 June (Covering Pack 1) - 13:00 CET 

  • 30 June (Covering Pack 2) - 13:00 CET 

  • 28 Aug (Covering Pack 3) - 13:00 CET  

Begin your indexable milling training today by accessing the eLearning programs from the links below:  

Indexable Milling Focus 

New Products 2023.1